Bariatric surgery


Bariatric Surgery is the name to encompass different surgical procedures to reduce the weight of patients suffering from severe obesity.

These operations have the objective of eliminating a part of the stomach or reducing its size to avoid the excessive consumption of food, to facilitate the process of weight-loss.

As our surgeons say, Bariatric Surgery it’s not only about weight-loss but about changing lifestyle, for having a new life, happy and healthy.

Our surgeons and professional of caring, understand that Bariatric Surgery is a journey that begins months before the operation, continue for a year to get the results, changing the entire life of the patient.

Also known as Weight-Loss Surgery or Obesity Surgery, these procedures include extracting a part of the stomach, introducing an inflatable balloon, applying a belt, or creating a shortcut in the digestive tract to reduce the food consumption.

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Gastric sleeve tijuana

Gastric Sleeve or Sleeve Gastrectomy is the surgical extraction of a part of the stomach, leaving just a sleeve or a banana-shaped stomach that allows reducing the food absorption.

The results are permanent, the patients will be able to eat less, and he/she will reduce from 60 to 70 percent of their weight.

Gastric balloon Tijuana

For this procedure, the surgeon introduces an inflatable balloon into the stomach. The ballon has a system to increase or reduce its volume from outside the body.

That allows regulating the amount of food that patients can have.

The doctor may eventually extract the balloon, and the patients may recover their previous condition after losing weight.

Gastric bypass Tijuana

In this procedure, the surgeon will make a shortcut from the stomach to the duodenum to reduce the absorption of food, to facilitate the weight loss.

As a result, the patient will have a smaller stomach, and the food will pass through a reduced part of the intestine.

The Gastric Bypass allows the patient to reduce the desire to eat and decreases the absorption of calories by the body.

Gastric Band Tijuana

Gastric Band, also known as Lap-Band, is an inflatable belt that the surgeons place around the top of the stomach.

This band tights and reduce the size of the stomach creating a small pouch for the food.

This procedure reduces the feeling of hunger and limits the amount of food that the patient can eat.

Duodenal Switch is a procedure similar to Gastric Bypass Surgery because it makes a shortcut from the stomach to the intestine.

In this case, the part of the digestive tract eliminated is more extensive, which allows for a drastic reduction in the absorption of food.