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Critical things to know before a Nose Job

The Nose Job, or Rhinoplasty, is the surgical procedure for reshaping or correcting the size of the nose. It helps patients who have problems and feel uncomfortable with the actual look of their nose.

It’s a quick and safe surgery when it’s performed by a board-certified surgeon, specialized in this procedure.
Basically, the doctor corrects the position of the cartilages or bones, extracting some parts or adding where is needed.

We encourage patients to see a rhino specialist before operating, who can give good advice about procedures and helping to be realistic about the results that you can expect.

One of the first decisions in Rhinoplasty is if it will be Closed or Open, depending on the goals and conditions of the patient.

Open or closed surgery?

There are two basic systems for Rhinoplasty or Nose Job.
Open surgery is when the surgeon makes an external incision.
It helps to correct or reshaping some parts of the nose.
This procedure helps to reshape the tip of the nose or a large section of the bridge.
Closed is the name for the procedure with no external cuts.
In any case, the patient will no have scars, because the line of the cut will be internal or will remain hidden among the nostrils or at the sides.

Did you know?

-Rhinoplasty is, most of the time, an outpatient surgery. That means you’ll go back home the same day.

-Insurance may cover you if you need a nose reconstruction for medical causes, like nasal obstruction.

-You can expect to swell for two weeks after surgery.

-For Nose Job, you must be at least 20 years old because of the natural growing can modify your face under that age.

-You must wear a nasal cast for a week. That may give you some difficulty breathing.

-If the procedure us open, you’ll have an external suture that will disappear in a short time.

-Nose Job can make the patients more confident an increase in self-esteem.

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The surgery

When the procedure requires an incision in some external part of the nose, it's called Open Surgery.
The line of the cut can be between the nostrils or on the sides of the nose. In this case, the incision will follow the natural fold between the nose and the cheek.
In the surgery recorded in video, the doctor Rivera, member of Vive Plastic Surgery team, took a part of the cartilage, mainly from a bump in the bridge, and then insert it in the tip.
The result is a well-projected tip of the nose upwards, and an upturned nose profile.
At the same time, the surgeon reshaped the sides of the nose, making it thinner and more adequate to the facial contour of the patient.
Besides, the surgeon narrowed the upper bones of the nose, eliminating part of the bones and cartilages..
The change in the nose affects the beauty of the face and the general look of the person.


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