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Dr Guadalajara Best BBL Doctor in Tijuana

well known is Dr Felix Marquez Villalobos AKA Dr Guadalajara, he is trainined in Guadalajara Mexico, home of the hall of fame in Plastic Surgery Dr Guerreros Santos, now Dr Guadalajara has a special history of been the pride of his Dad also Board Certified Surgeon In Mexico. now Dr Guadalajara has became the most popular Surgeon in Social Media now in Mexico we invited you to Meet him.

Experince on Brazilian Butt Lift: Dr Guadalajara Has more than 10 years of board certifed plastic surgeon in Mexico, he started in Guadalajara doing cosmetic surgeries when he got right away famouse by teaming up with good surgeons and wellknown on the fiel. he came to work in tijuana, by an special invitation by Vive Plastic Surgery when he won the hearth of all the public with his famouse live streaming, showing all the steps of the surgery.

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He is considered an artist with the ability to build curves, brazilian butt lift & sculpt muscles. He also has made knowledge on the innovations and new technologies that today work efficiently in body contouring procedures. With his new perspective of modern medicine, he found the relationship between art and human anatomy and gave life to different techniques such as the technique of High Definition Liposculpture that has revolutionized traditional liposuction, and which has led to the creation of beautiful and contoured bodies.

Dr Guadalajara Brazilian Butt Lift

This procedure produces much better results than any conventional liposuction. “The technique of High Definition Liposculpture” was born in response to the need to sculpt the human body in its four dimensions to obtain the athletic and natural shape that you as a patient are looking for.

The Plastic Surgery continues in constant advance and development, every day new surgical techniques are discovered that applied with the appropriate tools can offer greater satisfaction to you as a patient and improve your results.