Face Tite


FaceTite is the latest technology for facial rejuvenation, which allows excellent results for wrinkles treatment, spots, sagginess, and scars, among other problems. 

As a result of FaceTite treatment, you’ll rejuvenate your skin, eliminating imperfections, reducing fat deposits, and improving facial contouring, and skin contraction. Almost any patient is a candidate for the treatment, and it’s available for men and women at any age.

FaceTite is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. You don’t have secondary effects and don’t need time off during recovery times, which usually last four to five days.

How do FaceTite works?

FaceTite consists of a stream of radiofrequency energy delivered to sub-dermal layers to repair the damaged areas beneath the surface.

Besides, the heat produced by Radio Frequency eliminates small fat deposits that affect the general face appearance.

The effect is the elimination of the imperfections, stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Collagen and elastin are the natural substances produced by the body that tightens and firms the tissues and skin. 

The areas of application are the chin, neck (NeckTate), cheeks, and jowls, achieving excellent results. The face recovers youth and a healthy appearance, eliminating acne marks and small scars, spots caused by the sun, wrinkles, and laxity by age, dehydration, or any other cause.

The results show skin recovery, besides enhancing the face contouring due the skin-tightening and fat elimination.

You must know:

  • VIVE Medical Spa is pioneer introducing the latest medical technology for the beauty in Tijuana.
  • The FaceTite treatment is operated by a professional trained in beauty procedures, under medical supervision.
  • FaceTit doesn’t use laser technology, so you’ll need less time for recovery (four or five days).
  • You can go back to your normal activities immediately after the treatment.
  • For your comfort, the doctor may apply a slight anesthesia, that will no affect your activities. You can drive or back to work after the treatment.
  • You’ll see immediate results, but you need a few weeks for final results-
  • You’ll have long-term benefits. 
  • Best candidates are patients from 30 to 50 years old who have moderate skin laxity. 
  • You may experience some numbness on the area of application caused by anesthesia. Don’t worry, the FaceTite is working.
  • NeckTite is a good alternative to eliminate double chin without Liposuction.

What happens during the treatment?

Regularly, the treatment takes an hour in the office. You will not go to the hospital.

The doctor applies soft anesthesia that will remain as a numbness for a few days. It doesn’t affect your facial expressions.

The doctor or a certified professional will pass a device over your skin. The device consists of an electrode to generate an electrical field that produces skin contraction and fat coagulation.

After the treatment, you’ll have a recovery time of four or five days. Some patients may experience swelling. In some cases, doctors recommend applying ice on the skin surface. You don’t need time off, and you can go back on with your regular activities the nest day.

Amazing results

You can see the tightening of the skin on the same day and a significant change after a week, but you’ll have to wait for the collagen production by the body. That is a long-term process that may be apparent after three o four months.

The collagen production will continue at least for a year or more.

Your doctor will recommend using a correct skin care regimen with hydration and sunscreen, besides a healthy lifestyle with natural food and exercise.