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Get rid of fat deposits with HD Lipo in Tijuana

I’m not obese, and I don’t have severe overweight. I live an active and sporting life, and I never considered a Lipo as an option. Anyway, when I look in the mirror, I see fat deposits in the waist, flanks, tights, or back. The fat deposits are there, no matter how I exercise or how many diets I try.

What can I do?

This kind of question is an everyday issue in the doctor’s office.

Many people who have a sporty lifestyle never consider doing a Lipo because they think this procedure is only for inactive people with severe problems of obesity.

Anyway, Hi-Def Liposuction is an excellent option for helping healthy people to reach the body contour that they want.

See what the doctors have to say.

The most beautiful belly in Tijuana

HD Liposuction is not only a system to eliminate extra fat but to give contour to the body. The plastic surgeons employ techniques and devices such as Vaser Lipo or J-Plasma to sculpt the stomach beautifully. The result is a well-formed waist and the appearance of muscular contour with the most beautiful belly! Click on the photo.

In some patients, the localized body fat remains for decades, no matter how hard they work in the gym or they do diets. That fat is almost impossible to absorb into the body to excrete.

For them, Hi-Def Liposuction is the answer, as well for people who seek a change in their body shape and make the contour of their body look more aesthetically pleasing.

In HD Liposuction, the goal is not just extracting fat, but a remodeling of body contour using advanced techniques that eliminate the body fat only where it’s needed.

High Definition Liposculpture is a specialized and advanced form of Lipo that removes fat, defines underlying muscles, and significantly improves its proportions.

This technique is the solution to remove the fat in the arms, chest, abdomen, gluteus, back, and upper legs, improving your body permanently. 

Amazing results!

See the incredible results of Liposuction in our Before & After Gallery.
The photos shows real patients of Vive Plastic Surgery of Tijuana, immediately before and one or two days after surgery.
The surgery team get the best results with the use of J-Plasma /Renuvion for the best definition of the body.


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