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Get the most beautiful lips in Tijuana

The truth about sexy lips

Do you want sexy lips? Come to Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana to get the most beautiful lips augmentation.

As you may know, fleshy lips are the most attractive features in men’s and women’s faces. Thick lips and flesh around the mouth act as a strong sex appeal.

It’s almost irresistible!

Lips have millions of nerve endings that transmit sensations to the brain, flavors, warmth, and textures that make us choose and enjoy what we like best.

Kissing is a healthy way to communicate with the world and people.

Do you want to know how to achieve sensual and beautiful lips?

Come to Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana to consult with our medical team and experience the options for lips augmentation.

What about lips fillers?

Lip fillers are the best option to get full, plump, well-defined lips.

The lip filler consists of a natural substance to give volume and definition to the mouth contour.

The secret is Hyaluronic Acid, a substance present in the body in high quantities in the first 20 years of life. It’s what gives shape, elasticity, and freshness to the skin.

At Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana, you can have injections of Hyaluronic Acid for beautiful lips augmentation.

The acid is a natural component of the human body, and it naturally dissolves after some months.

The best treatment

You can get the Lips Fillers in a single consultation with our specialized doctors at Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana.

  • Only an experienced and board-certified medical doctor will practice the injections.

  • When you go to the doctor’s office, you get results on the same day of the application.

  • Before the injections, your doctor will make a complete evaluation of your health conditions of the person’s skin.

  • The doctor will recommend the best way to highlight the lips according to the face as a whole.

  • The doctor may use two application modes: Either in small, barely spaced out spots or with a single injection that allows the substance to be dosed into different areas to achieve the best result.

  • It’s painless, although your doctor can apply a soft anesthetic cream to avoid possible discomfort.

  • When applying the injection, the professional will make a soft massage on the lips to make easier the absorption.


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