Rhinoplasty or “Nose Job” Surgery, is a procedure that involves altering or modifying the shape and size of the nose. Vive Plastic Surgery Center has the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico. because we understand the best and most effective techniques to achieve a profiled and harmonious nose. 

Can rhinoplasty create the "perfect" nose?

There are a wide variety of butt implants available, and it is important to consult with your surgeon and discuss your options to ensure that you choose the best butt implants for your situation and requirements. Butt implants have improved greatly over the last few years, and surgeons now use implants which are custom made for the butt area instead of other body parts. Butt implants are generally used for the enlargement and the enhancement of the buttock area, although in some cases they can be used in order to balance an asymmetrical aesthetic, or reconstruct the entire buttock area.

Recovering from gluteal implants

As butt implants cause the tissue in your body to stretch, they are often painful to recover from, especially if the implant is positioned under the muscle. The initial 48 hour period after surgery is usually the most painful, but pain should lessen with each day of recovery time and medications prescribed by your surgeon will help with this.  After waking up from the procedure, you will probably feel sore,stiff and tired. It is very important that you take any medications prescribed by your doctor, and complete the full courses of these. It is likely you will be given both antibiotic and anti inflammatory medications to help with your recovery and prevent infection. Although you will probably experience considerable amounts of pain after this surgery, people who choose to get butt implants are generally very satisfied with the results from this procedure.