Recover your arms shape with Brachioplasty

Brachioplasty or Arm Lift is the best option to recover the best shape of your arms eliminating saggy skin.


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One of the most common problems in many people are the so-called bat arms.

This condition occurs when the skin of the arms is loose and does not have the proper tension. When the arms are opened, it looks as if the person has hidden wings.

This condition is common with age as the tissues lose elasticity and firmness, but it can also occur at a younger age, either due to heredity or as a result of weight loss.

If you have had fat on your arms and experience sudden weight loss, the result may be loose skin.

The skin maintains its size even though there is no longer fat inside. It is like living in a suit that is too loose, which creates flaps of skin.

Another cause for loose skin on the arms can be a surgical procedure such as Braitric surgery, that finish obesity, or liposuction, which removes body fat deposits.

For these cases a surgical solution is recommended, the Brachioplasty.

The procedure consists in the removal of the loose and excess skin so that the arms look again with tight skin around them.

What is Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty surgery, also called Arm Lift or Upper Arm Surgery, is a procedure that consists of removing the loose skin on the upper arms.

This is done with an operation performed by a certified plastic surgeon, who sections the excess skin to generate a new contour adjusted to the patient’s muscles and tissues.

This procedure is outpatient, that is, it is performed without the patient having to stay in the hospital and can return home the same day.

This is beneficial, not only because it allows a saving in the final cost, but also because the patient has great options for well-being and rapid recovery when he/she is at home, under the care indicated by the doctor.

In many cases, Brachioplasty can be performed in conjunction with Liposuction, which allows for the removal of fat that remains in the arm region, and at the same time modeling the contour in a beautiful way.

Two goals are achieved in one procedure!

Benefits of Brachioplasty

  • The brachioplasty is a safe, low-risk procedure
  • The results are permanent, though new sagging can develop with age or weight gain
  • Your clothing will fit better and you’ll feel more confident increasing your self-steem
  • You can have Liposuction on your arms at the same time, to get a better arm contour

How do they perform the procedure?

  • In the Brachiplasty, excess skin and fat are removed from the arm between the armpit and elbow. The remaining skin is placed back in the right position to create a more harmonic look.
  • The surgery takes approximately one to three hours under general anesthesia, which means that you will be asleep during the entire intervention.
  • In some cases it can be performed under local anesthesia, with the application of a sedative that will allow you to remain relaxed and without anxiety during the preceding.
  • Before starting the operation, the doctor will make ink marks on your skin, to establish the area where the procedure will be performed. These ink marks will disappear later.
  • Once the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision and removes the excess skin.
  • After that, the surgeon performs a suture to join the skin in the most harmonious way.
  • The operation will leave a scar, which may be less or more noticeable depending on the genetic background of each patient.
  • After the anesthesia is worn off, you can go home the same day. Be sure to have a person to help you go home, as you will feel a temporary dizziness caused by the anesthesia. You will not be able to drive or perform physically demanding activities.

Recovery Time

  • Recovery usually takes four to six weeks.
  • The patient’s arms will remain bandaged during this time and will have to wear compression sleeves. This will limit your movements.
  • The doctor may place drainage tubes in the arms to eliminate fluid and benefit healing, especially if liposuction was also performed.
  • During the first three days you may feel pain. The doctor will prescribe pain relievers. Avoid aspirin and ibuprofen, because of their anti-coagulating qualities.

Who is a candidate?

The ideal candidate for Brachioplasty is a person who is at their ideal weight, and who wishes to solve the so-called Bat Arms, due to the sagging skin of their arms.

The younger the patient, the better the chances of a quicker recovery. However, arm surgery can be performed at any age.

The patient should be forewarned about the discomfort he/she will experience during the first two weeks after the procedure, in addition to the fact that he/she may have scars on his/her arms.

You should avoid Brachioplasty is you are overweight or have frequent changes in your weight. 

Non-smoking patients have a better chance of obtaining excellent results and optimal healing.

Benefits of Brachioplasty

After brachioplasty, the patient will no longer be embarrassed to show his or her arms because there will be no hanging skin around them.

The patient will be able to wear clothes with the arms uncovered with complete confidence.

The recovery of self-esteem and self-confidence is one of the best results of Brachioplasty.

This procedure is often necessary in cases of rapid weight loss caused by a bariatric procedure, diet, or Liposuction.

The harmonious shape of the arms is also a result of the combination of Brachioplasty and Arm Liposuction.

The results of Brachioplasty are definitive, and the skin will not grow back around the arms. However, it is necessary for the patient to maintain his or her weight in order to avoid new fat deposits in the arms.

Risks of Brachioplasty and how we manage it

Arm Lift or Brachioplasty have risks. The medical staff at VIVE Plastic Surgery is well aware of them and is prepared to avoid them.

You must be well informed about the procedure and talk to your doctor about all your concerns.

  • Remaining scarring. After the surgery, the patient will have scars in the internal area of the upper arms. Our doctors hide them in the natural lines of the body and apply plastic and reconstructive techniques to minimize it. You must wait for months to see the final results, and you can have several treatments to erase the scarring.
  • Asymmetry between the arms. If your doctor is not experienced and well-trained, there’s a risk of a difference between both arms. Our personnel is always beware and have the expertise to avoid it. Although, you must remember that the human body is not symmetrical and a difference on both sides is natural.
  • Skin sensation. After repositioning your skin, the superficial nerves may change their place and affect your skin sensations. For us, this is a special area of attention. Anyway, during the recovery time, you’ll feel some temporary numbness in the area.

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